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San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory (SLVBD) provides local businesses listings and information for Felton, Ben Lomond, Brookdale, Boulder Creek, as well those that serve San Lorenzo Valley (SLV) area. As we celebrate our 37th anniversary, we also celebrate tremendous growth! With 13,000 directories in circulation, advertisers have reported amazing results from listing their businesses with us. Locals anticipate receiving the printed Directory in the each year, as it is mailed to every home, business and P.O. Box in SLV. People use the Business Directory every day to find and hire local businesses to get the job done. Now your business can be found, too! Contact us about a basic FREE listing, or our economical high-quality display and banner advertisements. Boost your visibility, advertise in the Business Directory today.

Featured Business - San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory

Color ads from rotating businesses featured in this area can be found on the cover of San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory. Each year we make enough color space for 12 featured advertisers. This year, we had so much interest, that a new cover spot was created--the front cover. This is a highly visible spot, and we hope to continue offering it as the interest and support for SLVBD grows. Contact us to learn more about cover spot opportunities.

From the San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory Publisher...

Dear people of San Lorenzo Valley,
It is with great joy that I publish another San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory. Last year the Valley faced many challenges, first due to COVID, then due to fire. Services were disrupted, and residents were displaced. Though I wanted to publish a 2020-21 directory last year, it seemed that the odds were against me. I decided it was best to hold the publication until San Lorenzo Valley was in renewal mode, and spring was in the air.

2017-18 SLVBD

This is my 15th year publishing the directory, and its 37th year in existence. The longevity of the directory makes it valuable, and gives the book its recognition. It is with great pride that I complete yet another issue. It just keeps getting better!

Applause also goes to my trusty sales person Amber Bowers. Without her, I would most certainly not be as efficient.

San Lorenzo Valley residents recognize the Directory, and value it. Many report using this online version from their phones and when on the go. And those who haven’t embraced technology to its fullest, keep a spare copy in their car.

There are nearly 900 businesses in the valley, many are home based and tucked in the woods. Please contact SLVBD if you have a business, and would like to be listed.

Regardless of the economic climate in the San Lorenzo Valley, it’s always the right time to advertise. Advertisers can now sign up for 2022-23 season. Download the price list on our Advertise page, call us. Your business can be on its way to increasing its good image in just a few minutes.

Promoting your business is the only way to stay visible. Local people want local services, from names they recognize. Advertising in the San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory builds name recognition for your business. SLVBD is the perfect venue to showcase your business to local residents.

Get noticed in the San Lorenzo Valley and attract local customers. Advertise your business, sign up today! Remember, shop locally and support your local businesses.


Kira Ruvo

Travis Tree Professsionals
Boulder Creek Recreation & Parks
California Dreaming Real Estate
Boulder Creek Roasting Co
Pacific Mountain Tree Service
Bay Federal Credit Union

Mountain Design Company


If you are a San Lorenzo Valley business and want to be included in the Directory, please call 831-227-6829 or email us.



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